1 January 2009

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Your own personal meal planner, recipe box, grocery list maker, and more for one penny

How many of you are trying to spend less money and could use more time in your day? I bet just about everyone who's reading this!

What if I could offer you your own personal meal planner who would provide recipes and a corresponding grocery list sorted by category to make shopping easier? I'll even throw in a couple of freebies.

And, you could have all of this to use for a full month for one penny with no obligation and no strings attached? Well, you can!

This offer is from a work-at-home mom who wants you to try her meal plans and see if they are right for you.

Click to check out her site, and try a full month of her service for one penny with no further obligation ever. If you find it IS saving you time and money on your grocery bills (and keeping you away from fast food), you can continue with her service.

The average family saves $60 a week by cooking at home.

Start planning your meals and stop:

  • overspending on eating out
  • ordering unhealthy pizzas or making trips to the drive-thru because you don't have anything planned for dinner
  • running to the grocery store three times a week or more.

You'll also get two free e-books included in your one-penny purchase:

Grocery Saving Guide -
learn how to cut your grocery bill each month

Entertaining Made Easy - sold elsewhere for $16.97

There's not much you can buy for a penny, so I recommend letting someone else plan your meals and make your grocery list for a whole month before this offer ends on January 31st! Click to learn more here.

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